I am willing to share my CIA applications if people would find them useful, please contact me for more information.

  1. University of Sydney – UNSW Australia Seed Funding Scheme: Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Comorbidity. $20,000. 2018-2019. What neurocognitive and mental health factors predict quality of life improvements and treatment outcomes among stimulant users seeking treatment? Lauren Monds, Janette Smith, Nicholas Lintzeris, Nadine Ezard, Raimondo Bruno, Tim Dobbins.
  2. University of Sydney – UNSW Australia Mental Health and Wellbeing scheme: Early Intervention and Prevention in Young People. $20,000. 2017-2018. The role of mental health and cognitive functioning in predicting successful completion of the Magistrates Early Referral Into Treatment (MERIT) program by young people. Lauren Monds, Adrienne Withall, Nicholas Lintzeris, Tony Butler.
  3. University of Sydney School of Psychology Visiting International Collaborator Scheme (VICS). $9000. 2018. Improving the reliability of police interviews with intoxicated witnesses and victims. Helen Paterson, Lauren Monds, Celine van Golde, Heather Flowe.
  4. University of Sydney Medical School Kickstart Grants Program: Early Career Researcher. $25,000. 2017. Better outcomes for clients with alcohol use disorder: A cognitive rehabilitation program (BETA-COG). Lauren Monds.
  5. NSW Health Translational Research Grants Scheme. $273,704. 2016 – 2018. Implementation and evaluation of take-home naloxone for opioid overdose prevention in Drug and Alcohol treatment and Needle Syringe Programs attendees. Nicholas Lintzeris, Adrian Dunlop, Paul Haber, Nadine Ezard, Phillip Read, Mary Harrod, Paul Dietze, Simon Lenton, Suzanne Nielsen, Marian Shanahan, Lauren Monds.
  6. NHMRC Dementia Collaborative Research Centres (DCRC) Project Grant. $50,000. 2016 – 2017. Cognitive outcomes in the ageing cannabis user. Adrienne Withall, Nicholas Lintzeris, Lauren Monds, Brian Draper, Nicole Ridley, Raimondo Bruno, David Allsop.
  7. Sydney Medical School Summer Research Scholarship Program (Supervisors: Lauren Monds and Nicholas Lintzeris) $2,400, 2016 – 2017.
  8. Australian Postgraduate Award (Industry), University of Sydney and NSW Fire and Rescue, $94,500, 2009 – 2012.
  9. Bangor University Visceral Mind Summer School UK Travel Scholarship, $3,500, 2012.
  10. University of Sydney School of Psychology Postgraduate Research Grant, $1,500, 2012.
  11. University of Sydney Faculty of Science Student Travel Award / Postgraduate Research Support Scheme, $4,000, 2011.