A few things I’ve written elsewhere.

Although it is my intention to start posting to this blog regularly, in the meantime please see some relevant blog posts / articles that I’ve written or contributed to for other outlets:

  • The University of Sydney Forensic Psychology lab has a blog, and I currently have three pieces up there:
    • Lie to me, which is on lie detection research and how to spot a liar
    • False memories for a distressing event: the role of cortisol – this is a summary of, and the story behind, one of my studies from my PhD
    • How does personality affect our memories of a crime?
  • In Feb 2017, there was a horrible plane crash in Melbourne, Australia. I wrote a comment for the newspaper Sydney Morning Herald about possible psychological responses following trauma: Act early to stop eyewitnesses developing lasting distress
  • I was interviewed on my intoxication and memory research in this Scientific American Mind blog post: Is a drunk witness a bad witness?
  • I was interviewed about my research interests for the academic collaboration website Piirus: Let’s collaborate – Introducing Piirus member Lauren Monds
  • Stay tuned: I also have another piece coming out in the next month or so in The Conversation on intoxication in the health system.

I’d be interested to know your thoughts on these. I’m also happy to take requests on things people would be interested in seeing me write about.